Adhesives and sealants are a large family of products whose composition varies depending on the sector and their intended use.
Among the various raw materials used in their manufacture, mineral fillers provide an effective support substrate: these are powdered products that are easy to handle and work withing adversely effecting the environmental impact of the finished product. They mainly serve as fillers and strengtheners, but the chemical and physical characteristics of mineral fillers make them essential for achieving the properties desired.

Veneta Mineraria offers a portfolio of finely ground or micronized technical mineral fillers for modifying specific properties of a formulation, whether it be water- or solvent-based. Their use allows particular objectives to be achieved: stability to both acids and alkalis, dimensional and mechanical stability even at high temperatures, and enhanced barrier effect against gases and aggressive agents. By using mineral fillers, processing and performance characteristics such as the rheology, viscosity and thickening capacity of a preparation can be modified.

Muscovite mica