Muscovite mica


Muscovite mica is a naturally occurring mineral of aluminium, silicon, and potassium that belongs to the phyllosilicate family. It possesses a distinctive lamellar structure and perfect cleavage. In addition to its brilliance and whiteness, it has interesting mechanical and physical properties. Its excellent electrical insulation and low thermal conductivity make it particularly suitable for thermoelectric and thermomechanical applications.
Negli impianti di CAVISA, la mica viene estratta e processata in più di 40 diverse granulometrie, presenti in molti mercati con il marchio MICAVI.
Mica is widely used in the production of extinguishing powders, and fireproof and refractory paints, which exploit its fire-retardant and heat resistance properties. Moreover, its highly prized in the production of paints and varnishes for industrial and residential use as a technical filler to improve resistance to aging, the gas barrier effect and corrosive agents.
In the plastics industry, when finely micronized, it lends thermoplastic polymers rigidity, dielectric properties and good resistance to atmospheric agents and wear. It impedes deformation and provides sound-absorbing properties.
In cosmetics, CAVISA mica is widely used as a filler to create natural make-up formulations such as face and eye powders which modify skin coverage, opacity and adhesion.

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