Paints & coatings

The paint and varnish industry is a very large sector. It includes products with different characteristics but all share the same aim: to decorate, protect, and significantly extend the lifetime of the objects they’re applied to.
Mineral fillers are one of the main components of paints and varnishes. They’re capable of lending them specific technical properties, including dispersivity, covering power, rheological properties and resistance to atmospheric and chemical agents.
Veneta Mineraria has a large selection of mineral fillers whose hallmarks are their mineralogy, physical characteristics and grain size to ensure they cater for the myriad needs of the sector.

CAVISA mica is finely micronized, retains a good lamellar structure and serves as a reinforcing filler. It helps to improve the mechanical performance of paints and their barrier and protective properties, for example by inhibiting corrosion.

Iron oxides
Muscovite mica