Iron oxides


Iron oxides have different chemical and physical characteristics depending on their state of oxidation. Fully oxidized iron Fe (III), ferric oxide, is typically red and the main component of hematite. It’s one of the sources of iron the steel industry uses to produce steel and alloys. Iron in the +2 oxidation state, Fe(II), ferrous oxide, is the constituent of the black mineral wüstite. Iron oxides with mixed valence metals Fe(II) Fe(III), ferrous-ferric oxide, are the constituents of magnetite.

Veneta Mineraria produce diverse tipologie di ossidi di ferro, a marchio Ferrox, in svariate granulometrie per soddisfare le molteplici esigenze applicative.

Industry exploits the properties of iron oxides for different applications: in the production of glass, Veneta Mineraria’s iron oxides are used as chromophores to colour the glass and as oxidizing agents. In foundries they are added to mould sand to reduce the surface defects of the product and consequently casting waste.
In the production of brake pads, iron oxides act as mechanical structuring agents and help regulate the friction coefficient.
Veneta Mineraria's iron oxides are also used in the renewable energy production chain as desulphurizing agents in digesters for the production of biogas.

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