Arc welding is a tool that’s vital to the manufacturing industry. It includes a wide range of technologies (MMA, TIG, MIG/MAG, FCAW) that allow materials such as metals, plastics and composites to be welded together to create structures and manufactured goods and repair systems and machinery.
Arc welding with coated electrodes (MMA - Manual Metal Arc) is a manual process in which the heat source is created by means of an electric arc formed between the coated electrode and the piece to be welded. The heat generated causes rapid melting of both the material and the electrode.
The coated electrode is composed of a core and a coating. The core comprises a rod of conductive metal whose sole function is to supply the material. The coating protects the solder from air contamination and helps prevent the formation of alloys during melting.
Veneta Mineraria offers a series of minerals that are used to create coatings for MMA electrodes.

Iron oxides
Muscovite mica
Metal fluorides
Metal oxides