Metal oxides


Metal oxides are a large family of compounds that feature the presence of oxygen and at least one transition or alkaline metal. Two examples that belong to this family are the mineral chromite and manganese oxides.

Chromite is a mineral composed of a mixture of iron oxide and chromium oxide and represents the main source of industrial chromium. In glassworks, it’s used to give glass containers their emerald green colour.

Veneta Mineraria's chromite-based products are highly regarded for their excellent durability refractory properties and are used in the production of moulds and cores for foundries. In the automotive sector they’re used for manufacturing brake pads, ensuring they deliver reliable performance and enhanced durability.

Manganese occurs naturally in various states of oxidation, including braunite Mn(III) hausmannite Mn(II) and Mn(III) and pyrolusite Mn(IV). It’s also processed to obtain different synthetic variants such as MnO (Mn II).

Veneta Mineraria transforms metal oxides of in a range of purities, fineness and grades at our plants in Italy to meet a diverse range of market needs.
The industry's interest in manganese oxides is mainly due to two of its properties: as an oxidizing agent and a refractory. As oxidizing agents, manganese oxides are used by the glass industry to colour and decolour. In foundries they represent a source of oxygen for exothermic manufacturing processes. In water purification they oxidize iron dissolved in water and allow it to be precipitated out using filters.
Manganese oxides are also pigments that provide thermal stability and used in the brick sector to obtain dark coloured bricks and tiles.

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