Building materials

Growing urbanization requires a rethinking of urban planning with a greater focus on environmental, economic and social sustainability. This is one of the challenges the construction sector will have to face in the near future: how to come up with innovative, safe, sustainable and long-lasting urban structures and infrastructures. Products for the construction industry need to become ever-more technologically advanced, high performance, long-lasting, easy to apply and quick drying.
Veneta Mineraria offers a range of effective solutions to create quality construction materials that are formulated to be long lasting: mineral raw materials that reduce the environmental impact of the finished products and provide an assurance of durability, consistency, dimensional stability, colouring, and resistance to fire, atmospheric agents and UV rays.
Veneta Mineraria’s range of kaolins, micas, iron and manganese oxides are used in the production of a range of products including: bitumen and mortars, stuccos and skim coats, ceramic coverings, bricks, plasterboard, false ceilings and advanced composite materials.
Our products are available in different grain sizes and a variety of mineral, chemical and physical characteristics.

Iron oxides
Muscovite mica
Metal oxides