Kaolin is a natural white clay composed mainly of kaolinite (aluminium hydrosilicate) belonging to the class of phyllosilicates. It’s a friable rock, easily found across the earth's surface and constitutes a historically important raw material for the ceramic and paper industries.

The kaolin we use in our Caolin product range is extracted at our CAVISA mining site and boasts high purity and quality. The raw mineral is extracted, cleaned of impurities, washed and processed to obtain a series of products with different chemical and physical characteristics: fine powder, pellets, and bleached. It’s highly prized for producing ceramic glazes because of its high aluminium content; and is also an excellent filler/extender for paints, plasters, stuccos and adhesives, in which it serves to modify brilliance, opacity, durability and viscosity.
In the construction sector, it’s an excellent material for making refractory products thanks to its resistance to heat, even over prolonged periods: in bricks and roofing tiles it provides resistance to atmospheric agents.
It’s widely used in agriculture for producing fertilizers and as a plant strengthener to enhance plant defences in organic farming. Its superior purity and quality also make our Caolin product range ideal for use in the cosmetics industry.

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