In a world that’s increasingly sensitive to environmental concerns, in which beauty and sustainability need to progress in tandem, the cosmetics sector is constantly seeking safe raw materials and ingredients that deliver high quality and performance, and which are produced in an ethical and sustainable manner.
With this ethos firmly in mind, at Veneta Mineraria, we’ve developed and selected mica and kaolin of the highest quality from our own reserves in Spain to improve the natural qualities and performance of a wide variety of cosmetics, including make-up, skin care and haircare products, in full compliance with international regulations.
We offer quality products extracted and processed in Europe which champion social responsibility and environmental protection. The CAVISA mining site uses an Environmental Management System (ISO 14001:2025), a Sustainable Mining-Mineral Processing-Metallurgy Management System (UNE 22480:20019) and embraces circular economy principles.

Micavi CG and Caolin CG products are mineral ingredients designed for the formulation of cosmetic products. They’re 100% natural and have been certified as meeting the COSMOS specification by the certification body Ecocert Greenlife(*). Inert and chemically stable, they are multifunctional fillers that improve the rheology, skin feel, transparency and absorption capacity of cosmetic formulations.

(*) Micavi 10CG, 20CG, 45CG, 75CG, 100CG, 150CG, Caolin G30M CG, Caolin G35M CG

Special products
Muscovite mica