The compounding industry transforms and modifies polymers by adding various additives and fillers until the desired physical, thermal, electrical and aesthetic properties are obtained. This results in a blend which is then used to create the finished plastic product by means of extrusion or moulding.
Fillers are widely used in these applications to fullfill many purposes including: modifying weight and electrical conductivity, improving physical and thermal properties and reducing production costs.

The particle size distribution, surface and shape of the filler particles are essential for achieving the desired properties.
Veneta Mineraria offers a wide selection of micronized micas with controlled physical characteristics and grain size, developed with the aim of strengthening virgin and/or regenerated polymers. The fine lamellar structure of mica gives the polymers rigidity, dielectric properties and good resistance to atmospheric agents and wear. Additionally, mica improves dimensional stability, possesses sound-absorbing properties, and stabilizes char formation in flame-retardant polymeric materials.
Veneta Mineraria's mica can easily be added to many thermoplastic polymers and thermosetting resins.

Iron oxides
Muscovite mica
Carbon-based minerals