Metal fluorides


Metal fluorides are a large group of compounds which all contain fluorine. In nature, the most common source of fluorine is calcium fluoride (fluorite). An important synthetic fluoride is PAF (potassium aluminium fluoride) composed of a non-stoichiometric mixture of KAlF4 and K3AlF6.
At our Italian plants, Veneta Mineraria processes metal fluorides such as fluorite and PAF in various degrees of fineness and purity to meet specific applications. In metallurgy they are prized as fluxes and fluidifiers: they lower the melting point of aluminium, reduce the viscosity of molten metal, remove impurities and prevent dangerous oxidation that occurs when metal melts.
In the resinoid abrasives industry, fluorine-based products are widely used to make grinding wheels and cutting discs. They're prized as structure fillers and cooling agents that help prevent the bluing effect.
In welding electrode manufacturing, they’re used as deslagging/deoxidizing agents; for the production of brake pads they’re employed as abrasive mediums and friction coefficient regulators.

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