Developing solutions for cutting, grinding, sanding and all finishing and polishing of a product requires innovation, high performance and safety for users and the working environment.
Over recent decades, Veneta Mineraria has been collaborating with the global abrasives industry, designing and producing active fillers used in the manufacture of discs and grinding wheels and fine-tuning product specifications as quality requirements evolve.
Our large portfolio of sulphides, metal fluorides and micronized manganese compounds allows us to meet the most exacting requirements and cater for any need.
The products that Veneta Mineraria supplies to this sector are available in many grain sizes and provide a range of different properties: sulphides improve mechanical properties, reduce heat conduction and prevent oxidation; manganese-based compounds have lubricating, cooling and deoxidizing properties; Metal fluorides reduce friction, provide lubrication, and increase adhesion between the grains and the binder.

Veneta Mineraria produces a wide range of innovative fillers and bespoke solutions that help abrasive manufacturers meet today's environmental and technological challenges.

Special products
Iron pyrite
Iron oxides
Muscovite mica
Metal fluorides